Here’s how to get Gorillas Promo Code right now:

Gorillas Coupon Gorillas Promo Code Gorillas Coupon Gorillas Promo Code

  1. Download the app here
  2. Under Coupons, enter the coupon code BLL725656
  3. Get 10 € starting credit immediately!

Promo Code


What is Gorillas Groceries and how do I get the Gorillas Promo Code for 10€?

Gorillas Groceries is a new food and beverage delivery company that delivers anything your heart desires to your door at near supermarket prices. Gorillas is always guaranteed to deliver in under 15 minutes, often under 10 minutes. This makes Gorillas a real competitor for existing delivery services. Gorillas can deliver anything from common supermarket items to special requests to you instantly! With the Gorillas promo code, you will immediately receive a voucher or promo code for 10 €. With this new customer bonus you can start shopping immediately!

Where does Gorillas deliver everywhere?

Gorillas delivers in Germany in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart – so all major German cities are covered and you can apply the Gorillas promo code for 10 € as a new customer in any of these cities. Apart from that, Gorillas also delivers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Just have a look at the Gorillas website, there you can find out more!

When are the Gorillas opening hours?

The Gorillas opening hours are currently between 9am and midnight. Here, however, the times change pretty much from day to day. Obviously, Gorillas depends on the current order situation. On Saturdays, for example, Gorillas often opens until 2 a.m.! Just take a look at the app – here you can see immediately whether Gorillas delivers to you and whether opening hours are currently open. If the delivery service should be closed at the moment – don’t panic, you can even pre-order here. On Sundays, Gorillas is usually open all day, which is good for couch potatoes. Also, most supermarkets are closed on Sundays – but Gorillas is open!

What are the delivery charges for Gorillas Groceries?

In the beginning, Gorillas delivery was completely free! A declaration of war on all already established delivery services. Currently (as of April 2021) the delivery costs 1.80 € – which is really super cheap if you consider the delivery time of less than 10 minutes. Of course, the delivery costs may change. But with the Gorillas coupon or Gorillas promo code available here, you can skip these delivery costs quite easily and order more in addition.

Are there any other coupons?

You are welcome to check out the Wolt coupon page. Da Gibt es einen Gutscheincode, mit dem ihr 6€ er erhalten! Wolt is like Lieferando a restaurant or snack food delivery service. Here you can order everything your hunger desires. From pizza to sushi to German cuisine.

Can I share the Gorillas voucher for €10 with friends?

The answer to this is quite clear. Of course you can share the code further and get all 10 € if you are Gorillas new customer. If Gorillas makes a mistake, delivers too late or other articles are in the scope of supply, than ordered by you, you get even a credit note and/or the articles directly again home delivered. Be so kind and give a tip for the driver 🙂

Why does the Gorillas voucher vary in value?

The Gorillas promo code changes its value. Sometimes you get €5 credited, but sometimes you get €10. This is simply because Gorillas is in direct competition with the food delivery company Flink. Through this competition, Gorillas naturally tries to gain and keep the upper hand. This has been difficult at first in the face of privacy allegations against Gorillas, but things are now looking up for Gorillas thanks to large-scale advertising campaigns in major cities. In addition, Gorillas’ product inventory is more interesting and diverse, in my personal opinion. You can take another look at the delivery areas of Gorillas in all major cities here, and match it up to see if I can also get a taste.

Can I make accounts with multiple gorillas?

With only one Paypal account you can make you unfortunately also only one Gorillas account, dh you can profit then also unfortunately also only once from the PromoCode here. But of course you can show your friends, family or relatives this page here, and with the promo code you get a few euros credited! Just give it a try.

Gorillas Promo Code
The driver are not real gorillas ofc 🙂

Controversy over pay for Gorillas drivers

There has been a recent debate about how Gorilla’s drivers are paid. There are many rumors circulating about the salaries of Gorilla’s drivers and each of these estimates are rather low. To keep drivers from having to scrape by on minimum wage, why not give them a tip, either directly in the app or as cash on delivery. That way you can make sure the drivers actually get the money. By activating the Gorillas promo code here, you can also give a little bit away and it won’t hurt you at all. You also have to keep in mind that these drivers drive through wind & weather to bring you the food you want to your home. These people deserve respect. And don’t forget, share the Gorillas promo code with your friends so they can get a taste too.